Rex Roman Pink Floyd Show wows Edinburgh Festival
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Rex Roman's Pink Floyd show in Edinburgh Many of you will be aware of "Wish You Were Here: Chapters In The Life Of Rex Roman", that was published last year. It looks at the life of Rex himself, British actor (and fading star), whose story is inextricably tied up with his favourite band, Pink Floyd.

A companion live show has been gaining momentum and a growing, loyal fan base, due to its blend of Pink Floyd classics (some of which are new arrangements) and the telling of Rex's story. Many key events are included, some of which have had audiences rolling in the aisles as the accent has been on the comedic side of Rex's story. Coupled with plenty of memorable images, too, the show has just opened at the world famous Edinburgh Festival.

The website has got some reviews on it from people who've already been - it seems to be going down incredibly well! The show takes place in the Cowbarn on Udderbelly's Pasture every day at 10:15pm right through until August 23rd. Word of mouth means tickets are selling well, so hurry if you fancy finding out what the fuss is all about...