Richard Wright's birthday remembered
Written by Daniel Cur´┐Ż   
Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Today (July 28th) would have seen Richard Wright's 66th birthday, and we're sure that like us, many will be paying their own personal tributes to him today, in remembrance of the impact he had on our lives. Our friend Daniel Curé from the thriving Chilean Floydian Community has shared with you, the Brain Damage readership worldwide, his own tribute to Richard:

Richard Wright remembered On a day like today, in 1943, Richard Wright was born.

He would be celebrating his 66th birthday today.

We lamented his passing not even one year ago, but we make the most out of this day to celebrate his birth, and thank him once again for his magnificent contribution to music.

He was always the quiet one, looking at this world with his green-blue eyes, and drawing the shades of colors he saw with his very own fingers, but he always did it subtly and elegantly on a keyboard or a piano.

And so, he left... like flowing seas of centuries.
As tears of forgotten eyes of gods.

And now you look around and you're again, again alone
Reclined on the rocks that saw you grow
And then you look around and a million eyes are watching you
And full of tears because you go.

Thank you, Rick, for reaching every last nerve with your beautiful melodies.

Richard William Wright
28 Jul 1943 - 15 Sept 2008


[Some text portions from "Sea of Centuries" by Polo Cortés ]