UK television and radio wrap-up
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 01 December 2001

Last night (December 1st), Channel 4 TV in the UK broadcast the Top 100 Number 1 singles, as voted by viewers. Surprisingly enough, Another Brick was nestling at number 48. Even more surprisingly there was a quick interview with Roger regarding the "Pink Floyd Kids Choir" as they now seemed to be called officially!

Furthering the Floyd on TV, tonight on the Paramount Comedy Channel (UK) of all places, a one minute ad for "Echoes" was broadcast. Shown in the break in the middle of an old episode of Seinfeld (nope - cannot see the connection there), it used the Wall concept as a link for many different songs - holes in the wall gave glimpses of them.

Finally, some advance notice for you: on December 10th at 9pm GMT, on BBC Radio 2, Jools Holland will be playing with his rhythm and blues orchestra, with guest David Gilmour! No further details known apart from the show being one hour long...