Sunday Times Richlist 2002
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 06 April 2002

The 2002 list of the richest people in the UK was published today, in the Sunday Times. Surprise surprise, everyone's favourite lovable moptops (description courtesy of Nick Mason) featured in a few places...the full list can be found on the Times Newspapers website, but here are the Floyd-related highlights:

Highest entry was ROGER, at number 375 in the listing, with £95million (up from £55million, and 634th place, in 2001); DAVID then follows at number 465, with £75million despite giving away plenty of cash - not least the £4.5million house (up from £60million, and 562nd place, in 2001); and then NICK brings up the rear with £50million, in 751st place (up from 2001's £45million, and 764th place). No sign of Richard in the top 1000. Undoubtedly, the profits from Echoes, and Roger's tours, have helped their bank balances...

In terms of "music millionaires", Roger makes it to 21st, David 22nd, and Nick in 34th. Finally, Pink Floyd make it to number ten in the listing of the companies with the most millionaires!