Another new DVD with David Gilmour appearance, coming
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 22 June 2002

This one not so exciting as the ones in the previous news story, but could be interesting to big Gilmour fans all the same. Sir Paul McCartney is to release footage of his wedding to Heather Mills - in which amongst other music legends, David Gilmour was a guest - on the end of a DVD of his (McCartney's) recent live US shows. It will be released later in the year - date to be confirmed.

As the wedding itself was shrouded in a certain amount of secrecy (and why not? It should be a private occasion) we have no idea if any guests indulged in a jam, despite a huge array of talent being present. So, you may just get a fleeting glipse of His Gilmourship resplendent in his finest gear...