Nick Mason back with Roger Waters - live!
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 26 June 2002

The first of Roger's Wembley shows proved to be an exciting event - the rumours of Nick's guest appearance came true when his car swung into the backstage compound at Wembley Arena behind Roger's car. During the soundcheck, Nick ran through Set The Controls, Brain Damage/Eclipse, and (possibly) part of Comfortably Numb.

Come the show itself (which had the band on blistering form - from speaking to those who'd travelled round from show to show on this tour, it was one of the best performances!), Roger halted before Set The Controls for a very special announcement:

"We've been on tour since the end of February, we've done sixty shows, and this and tomorrow night are the final nights. Well, we're doing Glastonbury, but... We're gonna do something a bit different now. I'd like you to welcome an old friend to the stage: Mr Nick Mason."

On bounds Nick, Roger and Nick have a big hug, and then they launch into Set The Controls. The performance was superb - both Nick and Roger were clearly having a whale of a time, smiling at each other, Roger looking almost overjoyed at how it was going. Sadly, come the end of the song, and Nick left the stage, although not until he and Roger had enjoyed another big hug. This was so nice to see; let's hope it is a sign of things to come...