World exclusive - watch out for 030303!
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 12 September 2002

Make no mistake, 030303 is going to be a very significant number for all Floyd fans.

Brain Damage recently caught up with Floyd manager Steve O'Rourke for a brief chat about future plans. He confirmed what we had heard from George Hardie, cover artist extraordinaire (heavily involved in the original cover), about the plans for the 30th Anniversary of Dark Side Of The Moon. The idea is to tie the 30th Anniversary in with the date which in typical Floyd style, falls nicely as 03-03-03 (March 3rd 2003). Prepare yourself for a nice reissue with hopefully some surprises...

He also mentioned that the quadraphonic mix of Dark Side Of The Moon is also going to be released (or should I say, re-released!), presumably on DVD-A format (a relatively new audio format on DVD, offering greatly improved sonic performance).

More information as and when we have it. Remember where you heard this first - another Brain Damage exclusive!