David Gilmour interview in Classic Rock magazine
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 04 December 2002

The Christmas 2002 issue of Classic Rock magazine features a five page interview with David Gilmour. Accompanied with a few pictures, most of which being pretty common shots, there were a few definite highlights that came out of the interview, which was conducted in September 2002.

At the time of the interview, Gilmour was mixing the DD5.1 soundtrack of the PULSE DVD. This he was doing in the studio at his Sussex farmhouse (with tape marks on the floor showing him exactly where to sit for the surround sound mix!). On "Vegetable Man" and "Scream Thy Last Scream", he advised that they had never, to his knowledge, been mixed (scotching the rumours that he himself had done so some years ago) but would "be perfectly happy for them to be dug out and preferably remixed and put out". He said that he wanted to see Roger Barrett again ("I'd like to go and see him one of these days") and talked of his forthcoming solo album. Full of praise for his wife Polly, he hinted strongly that she would be heavily involved in the new album and maybe also with the tour.

The main section of interest were his comments about the future of Pink Floyd:

"Well, I don't like to say that I'll never do something again, but I suspect that I've done that. One never knows if one's tired old ego might creep up on you and persuade you to give it another go. I mean, I'm at liberty to play with Rick and Nick any time. But the weight of the whole Pink Floyd thing is something I don't feel like lifting these days. And I wouldn't feel happy doing it without a new record. Going out and cashing in, playing all the old songs again, isn't really what I'm into, or ever have been. Touring would have to be on the back of another Pink Floyd record, and I don't feel in the mood to compromise in that way right now. I think I'll stick to my own label for the time being. I just think I've grown out of it. Finally. Probably..."

The magazine is currently available in the UK, and from selected outlets in Europe and the US as an import.