New Italian Floyd book out now
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 06 February 2003

Our Italian friend, Christian Diemoz, has just brought out his new book, "Le canzoni dei Pink Floyd" ("Pink Floyd's songs") through Rome publishers Editori Riuniti. Over to Chris:

"The book is part of the "Pensieri & Parole" ("Thoughts and Words") series. These volumes try to analyze the history of an artist, or of a band, by taking as a starting point what is much more evident in their production: the lyrics of the songs. Therefore, since Pink Floyd became great due also to the use of effects and of spoken words, on some chapters (espcially The Wall and The Final Cut), I tried to transcribe those parts, and to offer their translation. That stuff, to me, is capital to fully understand Pink Floyd's message. The Wall chapter, then, also relates the songs on the album to the movie and to the live act, giving a wide range of info on what is probably the biggest concept ever in popular music. The books has sixteen chapters. Fifteen are dedicated to the studio albums (being a work on lyrics, it's just on studio versions we focus) and one to the 7" with songs that never ended up on LP (referring mostly to the early years). In each chapter you find: a synthetical introduction, with data on the album (producer, place where it was recorded, artwork for the sleeve, etc...), an introduction providing biographical info on the band's history during the making of the album and then, for each song, a critical analysis of the lyrics, plus the original version and the translated Italian one."

We've just received our copy of the book, and an interesting read it looks too. We're dusting off our Italian-English dictionary and a review will be here shortly. Meanwhile, it can be ordered direct from the publishers or your local bookshop using the ISBN of 88-359-5313-8. It costs 18 Euros.