Roger Waters - Mojo Magazine interview
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 15 February 2003

The new, March 2003 issue of this great UK magazine features an interesting four page interview with Roger, together with some pictures of him with a trumpet! Many of the questions are fairly general, good for the general readership but not that insightful for the long-term fan; the most interesting response is to a question about what Roger is up to these days:

"I'm making a rock'n'roll album. It's about a conversation in a New York bar, and one of the characters is a taxi driver from the Balkans, and his marriage is falling apart... I've recently got divorced, so there's some songs about the breakdown of relationships and... I'm not quite sure how it will all turn out, but as you can hear, it's another kind of loony concept thing. My other project is the opera about the French Revolution. I've recorded about 18 minutes of it with three soloists, a big orchestra and a chorus. It's proper music, not a rock record".