Pink Floyd action figures!
Written by Matt   
Monday, 24 February 2003

Stevenson Entertainment have announced a set of "action figures" based on animations from the film, "The Wall". The seven-inch figurines will each come with a piece of wall - get all the characters and build your own wall! The series consists of: the eagle warplane, the marching hammers, the Judge, the Schoolteacher, the Scorpion (Pink's wife), and Pink himself. The figures, which have required the OK of Roger Waters, will not be available until the Autumn (around October).

Hugo Stevenson, of Stevenson Entertainment, has given us some more information on the action figures:

"We actually haven't begun sculpting the figures yet, but are targeting this fall as a release date on the initial line of 5 action figures. Series 1 will consist of the following:

- Eagle warplane
- School Teacher
- Judge
- Marching Hammers
- Scorpion and Pink"

It is interesting to note that this is series 1 - wonder what follow-on series will bring? The pig? Lightbulb Man? The Welcome To The Machine monster? Or will they look at other characters from The Wall? Anyway... pricing information and where to get them from, will be here as soon as we have it.