Roger Waters interview on new DVD
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 09 March 2003

The excellent website The Digital Bits has just reviewed the DVD release of the film, "The Legend Of 1900". Of particular interest is the news that amongst the added value on the disc, is a brief interview with Roger Waters. However, their review isn't over-enthusiastic about it:

"Extras are slim, although collectors of Ennio Morricone's work might find this disc worth picking up solely for the isolated music and effects track. Image has also included a "music video" for the end credits song, Lost Boys Calling, performed by Roger Waters and Edward (he'll always be Eddie to me) Van Halen. I put music video in quotes because this is an odd duck of a video if ever there was one. It begins with interview footage of Waters, explaining how he got involved in the project. Then just as you start to think, "Oh how cool, I didn't know there was an interview with Roger Waters on here," (it took me about 6 seconds), the interview dissolves into the song, accompanied by footage from the movie. It's not much of a video, it's even less of an interview, and the song itself does not rank with Waters' finest work."

Swing over to their site for the full review.