Dark Side artwork for sale
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 13 March 2003

The Storm Thorgerson website has just announced a limited edition set of 3 Pink Floyd fine art silkscreen prints which have been produced to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the album 'The Dark Side of the Moon'. For full details, click on the 'Commerce' link on the site. Here's the details:

Pink Floyd 03 03

A very limited set of 3 fine art silkscreen prints in a special 03 box to commemorate the 30th anniversary of The Dark Side of the Moon phonographic long playing record by Pink Floyd originally released March 1973. One is Dark Side prism from '93 remastered release, second is the pyramid from the the planetarium launch in '73 (the first piece of visual material to appear) and the third is a newly designed collage of the 9 major strands of Dark Side packaging including original cover, heartbeat, band photos, stickers, rayograms etc used over the years.

The 3 prints are all derived directly from the original artwork. They are designed by Storm Thorgerson, and printed at Coriander by Brad Faine. Prints are silkscreen on 410gsm Somerset Tub Sized paper, approx size 33.5" x 26", image size 19" square.

Edition is only 90 sets (3 x 30), and each set of the 3 prints comes in a special 03 03 black box. Each print is signed, numbered, and titled by Storm Thorgerson.

Can only be bought as a set. Price, of course, is £900 + VAT if applicable (discount £750 for first 5 purchasers) including p&p, box and inserts (new specially designed 30th vinyl poster + certificate + background notes).