Storm Thorgerson's Mind Over Matter - revised third edition
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 20 March 2003

The newly revised, third edition of Storm Thorgerson's excellent book, "Mind Over Matter", is now out. With a new cover, the hardback edition ties in nicely with the Dark Side celebrations. In total, it has around twenty five additional pages to the second edition, and the new material covers:

  • The twenty-fifth anniversary campaign for Wish You Were Here
  • Echoes - looking at the CDs, the vinyl, and the posters in great detail
  • Live At Pompeii - the forthcoming DVD release; the menus, the cover, how the film needed to be reformatted, and the extras included
  • PULSE DVD - if it ever happens; included are proposed cover art, depending on if it is a one- or two-disc edition, together with the DVD menus
  • Dark Side Of The Moon 30th Anniversary edition - some preliminary work on this, with some (very) alternate cover designs

Some very nice additions but not quite enough perhaps if you already have the second edition. Those without it should not hesitate to snap it up, and those with the first edition should find enough new material to justify the purchase. It is published by Sanctuary Publishing, at £29.95 in the UK.