Grantchester Meadows - development threat
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 13 April 2003

There is currently a proposal for up to 2000 houses to be built on the fields on the other side of the river from Grantchester Meadows, which naturally would spoil this wonderful part of Cambridge. There is currently a petition to stop this work, arranged by a Cambridge councillor.

Grantchester Meadows is an area of Cambridge which was a large part of the Floyd members' childhoods, and from personal experience, has a special magic for visitors. It was immortalised in song by the band and was a pastoral favourite in concert, in the late sixties.

The nearest road to the area is also called Grantchester Meadows, and the roadsign has for many years been a popular target for thieves! Our thanks to Neil Ford for bringing the proposed housing development to our attention.