David Gilmour helps homelessness charity Crisis
Written by Matt   
Monday, 19 May 2003

David Gilmour is giving £3.6million of his own money to build low-cost homes for 400 people in London. The homes will be for low-income public sector workers and homeless people. Other facilities for the previously homeless will include education centres and drugs counselling. Gilmour has been named as vice president of the homelessness charity Crisis today. Plans were also announced to raise £10million for homeless projects.

David said he was inspired by a similar community project developed in New York, called Common Ground in New York, where 300 homeless people and 300 low income people live. "Homeless people end up living on the fringes of our society and it's time we found a way to bring them back into its heart. I've seen what has been achieved in New York and am passionately behind this project which is about providing not just a roof but a new way of life where all the residents can thrive and make their contribution" he said in a statement.

"David Gilmour's generosity has provided a real launch pad for this project and we are immensely grateful for the belief he's shown. We're now looking for others to get involved in creating this community whether their input is to find us a site or run a franchised business. Together we can show a new approach to both homelessness and city living," said Shaks Ghosh, Crisis Chief Executive.

More details of the excellent work that Crisis do can be found at their website: www.crisis.org.uk.