Another French language Pink Floyd book published
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 06 May 2009

Pink Floyd - Plongee dans l'oeuvre d'un groupe paradoxal Our French readers are getting quite spoilt at the moment, as another French language book about Pink Floyd has just hit the stores. Pink Floyd - Plongée dans l'œuvre d'un groupe paradoxal (Diving into the work of a paradoxical group) by Aymeric Leroy is a 176 page look at the history of the band, written by a prolific author of progressive music articles for the magazine Big Bang.

The author says: "Known for its instantly recognizable signature sound, Pink Floyd has never stopped reinventing itself. From the underground and the counter-culture, to their massive and global success, it is a group that is faceless, cultivating anonymity, and has given us one of rock's legendary figures, Syd Barrett".

The book looks to cover the band's story taking a path through their albums, tracing its way through the trials and tribulations of their lives. As yet we've not seen a copy of the book, so we don't know if there are any pictures within its pages.

The book is now available from all normal retailers, including who will happily ship the book worldwide.