Pink Floyd London 1966-67 DVD update
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 28 June 2003

We recently reported that a French company were distributing the DVD of Peter Whitehead's Pink Floyd - London '66-'67. We have been able to contact the company who are releasing this item (the French company are purely distributors for the product), to find out more about this item and potential release dates for different countries.

We have found out that the DVD, which will include Interstellar Overdrive and the otherwise unreleased (apart from the original '66-'67 release on video a number of years back on the now defunct See For Miles label) Nick's Boogie, was due for release earlier this year but for various reasons this wasn't possible. There isn't currently a confirmed release date, although the company are still pressing ahead with the release of this item, and will let Brain Damage know when there is a confirmed date, and also when the contents of the DVD have been finalised.