Truth Movement, featuring Jon Carin, play LA
Written by Arash Danesh   
Monday, 20 April 2009

Truth Movement at the Key Club, LAFollowing up on our reports on the Floyd-flavoured album “Technology Analogy”, featuring Jon Carin, and the live fundraiser show, we report on the event that proved quite a success...

On Friday April 11th, Truth Movement presented its new album “Technology Analogy” to a live audience for the first time at L.A.'s Key Club on the Sunset Strip. The show was aimed at raising awareness for the environment and to help raise funds for the Global Green organization, a charity active in rebuilding post-Katrina New Orleans and advocates of energy efficiency. The band including Corey Feldman was comprised of Rob Heskin (guitars/writer), Chuck Irwin (drums/writer), and Randy Morris (bass). Special guests included Scotty Page (saxophonist for Pink Floyd in the late 1980s), Mark Karan, and of course Jon Carin.

The night started with a presentation of the movie "Fuel" (, with producer Kevin Vickery taking the stage to introduce the trailer and to speak about the cause, as it fit the night's overall message of environmental awareness.

Ed Begely JrThe opening band was the Reggae-Pop band Cipes and The People, fronted by actor/singer Greg Cipes. Their high energy set was well-received by the crowd and made them ready for a long night of Rock & Roll.

Next up was the host of the evening, actor and activist Ed Begely Jr. (shown to the right), who preceded the main event with a live auction of items benefiting Global Green, amongst them a signed Fender Stratocaster signed by the entire band, which not surprisingly earned the highest contribution of the night.

Now it was time for Truth Movement to take the stage, and so Susie, Corey's wife, led the band's "biggest fans", Corey Feldman's son and a friend, on stage to give a sweet and adorable introduction. The music started with a sound collage accompanied by saxophonist Scotty Page, while the video screen was showing visuals created by the winner of an online contest who had made the winning clip for "Green Is The Color".

Jon Carin joined the band on guitar for the second number and throughout the night, he switched between keyboards/synth and guitar and vocals, a true treat for those who have not had the chance to see his six-string prowess before!

The 14-song set showcased the scope and ambition of 'Technology Analogy', as it ran the gamut from straight-up rock & roll, to harmonica-blues, funk, country-western, and heavy metal, to the familiar Floyd-inspired sound that we all love, executed by class musicianship, offering a pleasant surprise for those who did not know what to expect before the show.

The combined audio/visual feel of the night was that of a Sci-Fi journey into a greater consciousness, complete with lasers, video, and even a go-go dancer equipped with an L.E.D-lit hula-hoop! The Pink Floyd influence was clear throughout the arrangements, with the songs mostly sounding like AMLOR/Division Bell-era Floyd, with big saxophone solos, lush vocal harmonies, and Jon’s fluent and bluesy guitar solos, building to a crescendo and rendering a hair-raising effect.

To top things off, the encore included a performance of "Young Lust" with Jon Carin on guitar, delivering a blistering solo that wowed the audience! Needless to say Jon once again showcased his natural abilities as a multi-instrumentalist with effortless execution, his prowess and command of his craft evident through the grace with which he performed.

All in all it was a special night highlighting a powerful cause, with a fully engrossed crowd that will remember this night for some time to come.

On April 16th, Truth Movement played a second benefit show as a part of the World Week for Animals in Laboratories, at the famed Whiskey on the Sunset Strip. For more information and to purchase the album featuring the track "Green Is The Color", co-written by Jon, please visit:

Set List:
1.    In The Beginning
2.    Ezekiel’s Day
3.    Breezy Day
4.    Me Not You
5.    OK
6.    Disconnected
7.    Crossed The Line
8.    Believe
9.    Coming Back Around
10.    Green Is The Color
11.    Trust No One

12.    Walk
13.    Young Lust
14.    It’s So Simple

All pictures copyright of Juan Gabriel Perez Arjona, and used with permission.

Truth Movement at the Key Club, LA Truth Movement at the Key Club, LA