Nick Mason on History Channel
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 16 September 2003

Thursday September 11th saw another episode in The History Channel's "Classic Cars" series, and included Nick Mason, as reported in our news pages last month.

An interesting show, it looked at the market for classic cars, the values attributed to them, and how the market when through boom and relative bust. Nick's segment was entertaining; he was dismissive of the supposed value of his cars, and said he was viewed as an "eccentric lunatic" for his collection. He talked about his Ferrari 250GTO - he saw one racing at Goodwood when he was younger, got a picture of it, and lusted after it. He finally tracked one down to buy, and realised it was the same one he saw racing and had the picture of!

He was unable to state a favourite; for him, cars should be (a) beautiful to look at, (b) wonderful to drive, (c) and ideally have a history as well. He said: "A car at rest is not as beautiful as a car in motion..."

Incidentally, we've worked out that the programme was originally produced for the UK's Channel 4 TV station back in 1991 - hence Nick looking a little younger.