New movie with Nick Mason appearance
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 30 September 2003

A new British film opens on Friday October 3rd, called "Bright Young Things". Marking comedian and writer Stephen Fry's film directorial debut, it is said to be an inventive adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's novel Vile Bodies. And it includes Nick Mason's professional drama debut!

Destitute writer Adam Symes (Stephen Campbell Moore) struggles to eke out a meagre living between the World Wars. He needs to raise money quickly, not only to keep a roof over his head but also to woo sweetheart Nina Blount (Emily Mortimer). The couple seek solace with their friends Miles (Michael Sheen), Agatha (Fenella Woolgar) and Archie (Guy Henry), collectively known as the Bright Young Things. The press flock around these party-loving, fast-living youngsters, whose wild behaviour is shocking.

In the endless search for new sensations, the Bright Young Things spiral dangerously out of control, until they are all forced to take stock of their lives and what matters most to them.

Of interest to Floyd fans is Nick Mason's appearance in the film. Not having seen it yet, we cannot confirm how much you see of him, but when we spoke to Nick in November last year, he talked about his involvement: "...there's a sequence of motor racing at Brooklands [Motor Racing Circuit] which I'll be doing..." Hopefully this made the final cut of the film!