morumbi stadiumCapacity: TBC

Concert starts: 9pm

Address of venue: Praca Roberto Gomes Pedrosa
, 05653-070 Sao Paulo, Brazil. MAP


Tickets for this concert went on sale on February 7th, through the venue, Ticketmaster, and other normal agents.

However, you needed to be a Citibank customer as this is strictly speaking a presale.

estadio21Tickets went on general sale on February 14th. Click on the thumbnail to the left to launch a map of the stadium, showing the different ticketing areas for this concert.

The proper name for this venue is the Estádio Cícero Pompeu de Toledo - the Morumbi Stadium is a nickname based on its location in the city.

saopaolo ticketOur thanks to Edison Vaz Melonio for sending in the ticket scan, poster, map of the venue - which some of you might find useful when choosing your seats for this show - and some of the concert pictures below - the first five shots - were the excellent work of his daughter, Carolina Melonio! The other three great pictures, directly below them, were sent in by Maria.

SET LIST - highlight the following with your mouse to read...
FIRST HALF: In The Flesh, Mother, Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here, Southampton Dock, The Fletcher Memorial Home, Perfect Sense parts 1 and 2, Leaving Beirut, Sheep.
Dark Side of the Moon. ENCORE: The Happiest Days Of Our Lives, Another Brick In The Wall (Pt 2), Vera, Bring the Boys back Home, Comfortably Numb.


Do not read on if you don't want surprises to be spoilt, regarding what the band played!

The final night in South America, and Morumbi Stadium gave one of Brazil's famous welcomes to Roger and his band, as thanks for the great music, and for bringing his show there.

Nothing was left out - including the pig, the prism, and a children's choir made another appearance, helping out on Another Brick in the Wall...

The band now take a couple of week's break before the tour resumes in Switzerland, on April 11th.

For a collection of twenty great (professional) images from this show, visit the UOL website.

CONCERT REVIEW - by BD contributer, Marina Cattai

I went to the Roger Waters concert last night in São Paulo and it was fantastic!!! Really amazing!!!

The sound was incredible and The Happiest Days Of Our Lives and Another Brick In The Wall had special appearence of a child choir from Projeto Guri. The pig that have left the satdium was written in Portuguese.

It was as great as the In The Flesh tour. The tickets were really expensive, but it worth every real that I spent on it.

CONCERT REVIEW - by BD contributer, Maria Vitoria Sousa da Rosa

I arrived at Morumbi at 6:15 pm, and at this time there were a lot of people there. The concert started at 9:05  and the sound was incredible, so as the 45,000 people that sang all the songs with Roger.

On the Pig was writing: Save the Amazonia, All we need is education, Bush we`re not for sale, Killers leave our kids alone and Fear builds walls.

But, the best part was the end, the last encore was wonderful. everybody that was in the floor got up and went to the front to sing very loudly with him. I was about 2 or 4 metres away from him, it`s the view that i`ll never forget.

It was the most wonderful night of my life, it will be always in my heart.


CONCERT REVIEW - by BD contributer, Luis Felipe Cruz

Roger Waters concert was simply amazing. Despite the huge crowd, 45,000 people, everything was really well-organized.

I entered the stadium at about 8.15 pm and there was a lot of people already inside. Behind the stage there was a huge screen with some kind of movie with a big radio and a glass of scotch. At about 8.50pm an announcement was made, asking people to go to their seat as the concert would start in 10 minutes. During these 10 minutes, many old and great songs were played as, supposely, a woman was moving the dial on the radio showed in the screen. People who were not very close told me that the impression was that a big radio was really on stage as part of the cenography... High definition!!

Exactly 10 minutes later, all the musicians got into stage and took their places... Roger came too and soon In the Flesh started... Everybody got really crazy to see the legend on stage...

Afterwards, Mother was played with the same beautiful guitar solo on the record... Set The Controls was the next one and really impressed everybody with the trumpet solo and psychedelic images on the screen...

 Then we had three pieces from the Wish You Were Here album... Shine On was nicely played and everybody at the stadium sang each word of the song. Have A Cigar was a nice surprise and really excited the huge crowd, specially with the well-executed guitar solo in the end of the song. Finally, Wish You Were... One of the most beautiful songs ever composed was followed by a 45,000 people choir with lighters all over the place... Inspiring!!

Sao Paolo poster Both songs from the Final Cut album were played by Roger sitting at the stage... Perfect Sense was one of the top moment of the show... The song was not recorded by Pink Floyd, nevertheless, everybody sang that song with extreme enthusiasm... Unbelievable!!! Leaving Beirut was played together with a nice "short-movie" describing Roger's story... And to finish the first part, Sheep!!! It was very nice to hear this song live... And in addition, the flying pig went around the stadium with some political words on it. Everybody got crazy to see the balloon... End of first part...

  After 15 minutes, the band came back and started to perform the greatest music masterpiece ever... The Dark Side of The Moon... It is really difficul to describe the emotion to see the album playing live in front of me... Breathe, Time (great solo and Jon Carin was very good on Wright's vocals)... The Great Gig In The Sky was amazing... I even could see a couple of guys almost crying... Money... nice guitar and sax solos... Us and Them was really another top moment of the concert... Beautiful!!! Brain Damage was also sang by everybody ("The lunatic is on the grass")... And the final sequence Any Colour You Like and Eclipse unfortunately indicated the the concert was finishing... For me Dark Side lastewd about 10 minutes... It was too quick... I would pay another ticket just to go through it all one more time...

 The band came to the front of the stage and thanked everybody... The audience answered asking for more with non-stop clapping...

 Finally the band came back for the final act, starting with Another Brick In The Wall, when some children from a social program entered the stage to follow Roger and the band in the song.

Then Very, Bring Boys Back Home and Comfortably Numb. The last one deeply touched the whole crowd, with the strong lyrics, beautiful melody and the historical guitar solos.

The concert was really something different... A lot of parents with their kids in the concert... "I grew up listening to these songs", I heard from one of those kids...

Certainly, the greatest concert of my life...

I left the stadium with a thought... If the 4 Pink Floyd's geniuses decide to get together again for some concerts, people will have to be well-prepared, as the emotion will be too strong for a lot of people...

CONCERT REVIEW and pictures (click thumbnails to enlarge) - by BD contributer, Marco Aurelio

rw_2403_ma After almost losing the internet ticket sale on Ticketmaster website (when i got to know that it was on sale, 99% of the tix were sold out), I’ve found on orkut a travel agency which was selling the whole package: tix to the show and the facilities for traveling, such as bus and lodging, for those who were able to pay for all the expenses, to see Roger playing at Morumbi stadium.

So, there I was with an old friend of mine, picking up the bus on the trip of our lives. Everyone was very friendly, and, one of the passengers let us hear, from his cell phone, an excerpt from Rio de Janeiro’s concert, which was happening at same time when we started packing things up towards São Paulo. of the two buses broke, just a few minutes after we had left Belo Horizonte… Man...that could not be possible, we thought to ourselves. The drivers fixed the car and we started it again on our way to the dark side of the moon.

All of us, about a hundred people, spent the whole (hole é buraco) day together in São Paulo, on our hotel rooms or doing other stuff, such as drinking and discussing on Pink Floyd’s songs and stuff like that. So, a little bit later... the time had come. It was time to go... but, then we found out something extremely interesting: the drivers didn’t know the route, from the hotel to the venue, where the concert would take place!

It was scheduled to start at 9 pm, and we arrived at Morumbi, around 8 pm. So...we split by ourselves and each one took his seat. My friend and me had spent two months of our earnings to get VIP seats... and it was worthwhile! A few minutes after we got to our places (7th row from the stage!), Jon Carin came down to say hello to everyone on the VIP area... and...I got my ticket signed by him, so did my friend! We couldn’t believe that thing was happening to us. So far, the trip and the friends we’d made, were all making the weekend much better than we had supposed it to be, but the show was, yet, about to begin...

rw_2403_ma1 Then a MC came to the stage and announced that the show was going to start in ten minutes. Then, the hi-resolution screen gave us some sign of life... it moved and a hand started listening to the radio, drinking some whisky and smoking a cigarette...funny enough...the radio started playing “Dancing Queen” from Abba, and two old ladies in front of us began dancing, in 5 sec, the hand cut off the song and moved on to another station... I couldn’t stop laughing at those ladies!

And then...Roger and his mates came up and started In The Flesh. Just amazing! I was not believing in what was happening in front of me...but then, we all came down and sat down, and Rog caught his acoustic guitar and started Mother...when Dave started the guitar solo, i was in tears. It was the only moment that I cried, but how I cried...

So, continuing, the stage came up in flames and they started STCFTHOTS. Great guitar solo by Snowy White, but i still think that this song doesn’t need a sax solo...despite the one i saw was much better than the one on In The Flesh DVD. And then...Syd showed up on the screen...SOYCD was a little bit resumed, without the slide guitar solo and the second part (Nobody knows where you are...), but to me, it will be always one of greatest Floyd songs. Another great job from Snowy and Dave –  I didn’t even remember who was David Gilmour at this point of concert.

rw_2403_ma2 And then...Have a Cigar...awesome! It looked to me a very heavy song, much stronger that the one on WYWH album. But here, there was some lip-synch from Roger...and, a special feature...the synchronicity to start Wish You Were Here just like the record...stopping to have a Cigar, play the radio, the couple talks and then, a moment to remember forever... 45,000 singing along with Roger. No words to explain what we felt at that point.

And after the storm, the final cut excerpt, two great songs, and one I love the guitar solo, The Fletcher Memorial Home, very intense and emotive. Dave was doing David parts just like a cd playing together with the other musicians. I thought that he should do more like his style instead of repeating Gilmour parts. That happened in a bunch of songs, but the level of his guitar playing was very high. After those two songs, Perfect Sense and the floating astronaut on stage...very funny, and it was a thing that I didn’t expect to see. Man...the chorus on this song, again, we exploded with the band, singing together, shouting the lyrics from the very deep and warm feeling inside of us.

Continuing the concert, Roger told us the story about the next song, Leaving Beirut. The man behind tons of guitars, Andy Fairweather-Low, stepped out to the front of the stage with a cowboy hat and a yellow guitar and started, joined by Snowy White, it was made a great guitar work introducing a beautiful song and very strong lyrics. Songs like this, like Perfect Sense or even like Flickering Flame are, to me, proofs of the fact that the four guys will just reunite on gigs. I do not expect to see them on studio because all their ideas of making music and writing are, actually, very different. They have different points of view, but it is my point of view. I have the last cd from David Gilmour and i think that’s one of the best things that happened to me last year, musically speaking.

rw_2403_ma4Getting back to the concert, the moment we were all waiting: Sheep. It was not a heavy one, but it was very good played, with explosions behind the band and on both sides of the stage... the whole stadium felt the heat from the last one...and the piggy... with phrases like “Hey killers leave our children alone”, “All we need is education”, “Brazil is being sold”, “Bush: we’re not on sale”, “Fear builds walls”, “Save the Amazon” and our flag message questioned “Order and progress?”...and the music ended with the piggy being released with Roger looking at him and shouting: “My pig! Where he’s gone???”

A fifteen minutes break and the band returned to the high point of the night. The Dark Side of The Moon turned into The Brazilian Side of The Moon... it was very good to see it, and, in a better version of the one we saw on PULSE. Roger has the right feeling of the lyrics, and knows exactly what to show on the screen.

Speak To Me started and we sat down to hear and see it...then the Satellite filled the screen and the band jumped into Breathe In The Air. I really loved this song, and Jon Carin higher vocals always made the difference on this one. Strange enough, on the original record, there are no acoustic guitars on the songs, but here they were present (Breathe, Us and Them & Brain Damage), a detail that somewhat made it sounds a little bit easier to the ones who are new on Dark Side. And it sounded much natural.

So we went straight On The Run...we didn’t know what was happening...the screen, the fx on the quad system, the new fx included on the track (like the train or the racing cars screaming in our heads). The job made by Jon and Harry Waters on this one was very impressive. And we listened to clocks in our heads...Time and Graham Broad drum intro was even better the ones I’d seen with him playing and who knows, better than some that Nick Mason did. Seems to me that he played the intro with a mixed feeling of anger and passion, respect and fear...I don’t remember the rest of this song being played, only the drum intro. It was to me one of the peak points of the entire concert.

rw_2403_ma3 So...the screen went purple. One of the moments that I was expecting for: The Great Gig In The Sky. Absolute astonishing. No words enough to describe this... who needs to describe it anyway? Keep the feeling in your heart and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

After, we all got up with Roger’s bass intro on Money...Dave’s voice was much better than Doyle Bramhall II’s, but Chester Kamen was a better choice to sing this one. The guitar solo was remarkable, but I got disappointed ‘cause there was no Andy’s solo. Us and Them started very beautiful, but this one, sounded strange...on the chorus, the sound was very, very high, on the other parts, it seemed to be missing something. It was empty, beautiful, but it missed something...and now...Any Colour You Like... almost a jam session, the visuals were incredible, the sound scorching... and the prism up on the stage surprised the whole stadium... it stood there for the next three songs...and i stood on the floor staring at it like a child with a new toy.

The band “said goodbye” and a few moments later returned with THDOOL and ABITW 2, with some kids from Projeto Guri, one of the widest philanthropy and non-governmental organizations that really works in Brazil. After, Roger kissed every kid and started Vera and BTBBH, which sounded very pretty, but included some lip-synch too. Why Roger? You have the girls on backing vocals, other musicians to help you!

Well...then Comfortably Numb. Another one with no words to describe it...when it finished, it finished... and we didn’t want to go home. Just being there was enough. Watching the stage coming down, we had to leave. Excellent...i will remember it throughout the rest of my existence. The show ended, but it’s still running on my mind all the time. And so all the adventures I’d lived before and after the concert with everyone who went on the road with us: the travel agency Agotour family (Tchelo, Naty & Andreia), Tião, Vitorio, Weverton & specially Bruna.

Thanks Roger, for giving us The Happiest Days Of Our Lives!

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