Original 1967 Pink Floyd articles published
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 03 December 2003

On a regular basis, long running British music newspaper the New Musical Express (or NME) collects together sets of archive articles, ads, review, interviews, etc., all based on one key artist, time, or genre. The collections appear in a glossy, well-printed, and heavy magazine format. They have just published the latest of these collections - this time covering the sixties.

The magazine, with a cover price of £4.99 (UK) and $9.95 (US), covers the years from 1963, the rise of The Beatles, with Please Please Me hitting number 1, to 1969. It is a fascinating tour through the years, showing the evolving history of legends such as the aforementioned fab four, Dylan, the Rolling Stones, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, and most importantly, Pink Floyd.

The first instance of Pink Floyd in the magazine (which is arranged chronologically) comes in 1967, with a few great colour photos, an interview from January 1967, reviews, photos, adverts for releases, etc.. Subsequent years don't see as much Floyd, restricting themselves to the original reviews of the early albums (interesting in themselves!). Despite the relatively high cover price, well worth picking up.