David Gilmour offers support to "sing-in" protest
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 26 March 2009

Gary McKinnon David Gilmour's official website has confirmed his interest in possibly contributing a vocal part to the backing track for a "sing-in" protest against the extradition to the US of Scot Gary McKinnon, who is accused of hacking into US military websites.

The sing-in is being held on April 2nd, and involves a multi-artist rendition of Graham Nash's "Chicago" - itself referring to the 'Chicago 7' who were arrested for protesting at the 1968 Democratic Convention. David will not be present at the protest.

He said: "Gary McKinnon should not be being extradited to the USA for his naïve hacking. It is a heavy handed response from the US and it's hard to understand that the English justice system could not be more effectively used to prevent this. I am hoping that common sense will prevail".