David Gilmour cover on new album
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 04 February 2004

The new album by band Monster Magnet, called "Monolithic Baby!", is released on February 16th, and amongst the tracks, featuring their "typical, unmistakable mix of early Black Sabbath quotations, references to space rock inventors Hawkwind, the British psychedelic era of the Sixties and German psychedelic rock from the Seventies" (!) is a song better known as performed by someone more familiar to the Floyd fan...

"There’s No Way Out Of Here", originally performed by Unicorn, and re-recorded and released by David Gilmour on his first solo album in 1978, comes two-thirds the way through the album. "As far as I’m concerned, this was the last real Pink Floyd classic, even if it came out on Gilmour’s solo record," lead singer Dave Wyndorf reckons.

As the song wasn't even written by Gilmour, a bold claim!