Update on Vernon Fitch's book about Pink Floyd's The Wall
Written by Matt   
Friday, 06 February 2004

We were contacted yesterday by Vernon Fitch, who has written a book about The Wall, as previously reported on these news pages over the last six months or so. Vernon's long-awaited book, not now being published by Reynolds & Hearn (who are issuing a different book as previously reported), will be released by a different publisher later this year. Here is the description that Vernon wrote in May 2003 for the back of his Wall book:

"Pink Floyd-The Wall - An Examination of Rock's Conceptual Masterpiece is an in-depth look behind Pink Floyd's The Wall. Released in 1979, The Wall is the best selling double album of all time. In 1980 and 1981, The Wall was performed live in an elaborate stage presentation, and in 1982, the groundbreaking Alan Parker film, Pink Floyd-The Wall, was released to critical acclaim worldwide. No other rock album has successfully been translated to record, concert, and film.

The narrative of The Wall is the creation of Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters, who based the story on incidents from his life and his years of experience in the music business to create a fascinating story about a fictitious rock star named Pink.

This book examines all the various aspects of The Wall in detail, including its origins, the studio recording sessions, the staging of the live performances, the shooting of the film, and The Wall Live in Berlin, the final performance of The Wall to date."

More details of this as we get them.