Another new version of Dark Side Of The Moon?
Written by Matt   
Friday, 06 February 2004

In the week that the Brain Damage office received two new versions of the 30th Anniversary edition of Dark Side Of The Moon - one on (counterfeit) picture disc, the other on a new format from the far east (more on that soon!), comes rumours that there might be YET ANOTHER version of it appearing!

The AudioRevolution website reports that it might be in line for release as one of the new, CD/DVD-Audio "flip discs" - like hybrid SACDs, they have a standard layer readable in all CD players, on the other side of the disc, and have just started being trialled in the Seattle and Boston areas of the US by EMI and other major labels.

The report goes on to state that: "since the test marketing of CD/DVD-Audio flip discs began... rumors of Dark Side and possibly a few other classic Pink Floyd titles coming out on DVD-Audio have quickly resurfaced. EMI, in the States, has been an enthusiastic supporter of DVD-Audio and would be likely to release such a successful classic album in another format if they thought they could sell millions more of units of the record. Now that DVD-Audio can be paired with a CD on the same disc, the temptation might be too strong for EMI to resist." The full report can be read here.