Syd Barrett EP reissue
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 19 February 2004

The 1970 BBC session that Syd Barrett did is gaining another release, on March 29th. Originally released in 1988, on a 12" single and CD single (which is pictured to the right), it was subsequently re-released on CD only in 1989. Some fifteen years later, it is making another appearance on CD!

At present, we believe it contains the same material as before: Terrapin, Gigolo Aunt, Baby Lemonade, Effervescing Elephant, and Two Of A Kind. The session was a good one, and also featured David Gilmour on bass (Syd providing the main guitar duties), and Jerry Shirley on drums. As and when we get more info on this release, we will let you know... Our thanks to Charles at FloydStuff for the advance warning!