Pink Floyd The Final Cut reissue update
Written by Matt   
Friday, 05 March 2004

With thanks to old friend of Brain Damage Chris Diemoz and our friends at Hey You, we can provide a bit more detail on the remastered reissue of The Final Cut, which arrives at the end of this month.

The first point, which Brain Damage had advised to us by EMKA, is that the bonus track When The Tigers Broke Free is NOT split in two - it is sited between One Of The Few and The Hero's Return. Initial reports suggested it was split in two, as in the film of The Wall, with the second half arriving as Two Suns In The Sunset faded out. Thankfully this isn't the case.

Chris reports that there are some differences in the running times between the original and the 2004 version. Some tracks are slightly longer, some have had a few seconds shaved off. Overall, not including the addition of Tigers, the running time is six seconds shorter - but this was not obvious upon initial listenings.

We understand that there are instances where Roger's vocal has more presence - especially in The Post War Dream - and that certain instruments (such as piano) are more prominent in this remastered mix. According to the source, the album sounds absolutely at its best, and the fitting of Tigers in the album sequence is totally natural - like it has always been there. This is good news, as many people have contacted Brain Damage with their reservations over the project...