Storm Thorgerson update
Written by Matt   
Monday, 29 March 2004

Longtime Pink Floyd cover artist and collaborator Storm Thorgerson, who was instrumental on the staging of a major exhibition of the band in Paris, and who, on the eve of the exhibition sadly suffered a stroke, has updated his website with his thoughts on Interstellar.

The updates, found within the "News Room" section of the "Anecdotes" part of, talk about the recent Interstellar exhibition, which ran from October 2003 to the end of January 2004 (reviewed elsewhere on this site in detail).

On the site, Storm says:

"We helped design an exhibition in Paris at the Museum of Music about Pink Floyd - a 3D rather than 2D event and therefore quite a daunting task. We decided that since PF story is a lengthy convoluted affair that a simple chronological layout i.e. album by album was preferable.

This at first sounds pedestrian so we spiced it up a little by making a time tunnel - one bisects the exhibition space via a long winding corridor which spells out the chronology by graphics and by bands of cryptic sound bytes from all the albums stretching from '67 (Saucerful of Secrets) to '94 (Division Bell).

There are windows down the corridor through which one glimpses the exhibition spaces either side so that one sees the albums in reverse. You emerge from this dimly lit time tunnel into the Piper room at the start of the exhibition proper.

The exhibition is called Interstellar and is on until January 25th at Cite del la Musique, Parc le Villette, Paris."

The exhibition has now closed, but EMKA, the Pink Floyd management, are keen to tour it elsewhere in the world. If you run a museum or similar building, that would be willing and able to host the exhibition, please drop us a line with more details, and we will pass them on to EMKA. We have already done this for one country who are hoping to host it; let's see if we can get it in other places too!

On Storm's absorbing site are both of the designs that were specially created for promoting the exhibition - one of which, Balls, is shown above and to the right. The other, entitled Bridge, was shot near Madrid, Spain.