"Making Of" documentary for Roger Waters' Ca Ira
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 29 April 2004

Some months ago, during our conversations with legendary film director Adrian Maben, he revealed some exciting news concerning Roger Waters upcoming opera, Ca Ira. Maben, who was the man behind Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii, swore us to secrecy at the time, but has today given us the go-ahead to exclusively reveal some details to you.

Adrian has been filming the birth and creation of this opera with Roger, for the past fifteen years. As Mark Fenwick, Roger's manager mentioned to us a couple of months back, Adrian has captured all the key events since Roger seriously started writing the piece. The intention is to get this "Making Of.." film broadcast on television, and it will also, at some stage, be available as a DVD.

Adrian told us today that he still has some shooting to do - despite the fact that he already has well in excess of 300 videotapes of footage already, he still has some footage he needs to complete the documentary, and to cover the story comprehensively from beginning to end. He's certainly going to be busy editing that little lot!

On a separate note, Adrian also mentioned today that Roger's work on Ca Ira is moving along at a good speed these days, and getting close to completion. Roger is still refining the piece, but it is believed that it won't be long before the definitive recording is in the can, and we can look forward to release.

Our thanks to both Mark, and Adrian, for their help and information.