Roger Waters - Ca Ira Malta... and Russia?
Written by Matt   
Monday, 03 May 2004

Further to previous news items about the stunning show in Malta, featuring Gert Hof's light show matched with selections from Roger Waters' new opera Ca Ira, there's a great selection of pictures of the event, AND also an on-demand replay of the whole Maltese EU accession show available to view for anyone who missed the show, or had the misfortune of poor (or non-existent) television coverage of the event.

Both items are on the great website - click here for the photo gallery and click here for the video player (the faster the connection, the better). The show is available in a selection of formats. Our thanks to Mark Zaffarese for letting us know about these!

Looking to the future, Gert Hof, the maestro behind the Maltese light show, and Roger Waters, are at an advanced stage of arrangements for a full Ca Ira show. Now, for some months work has been ongoing to book various venues to put on a show (including two major Parisian venues), but these appear to have floundered amidst the typical difficulties of staging a major show in a capital city.

However, it looks like this latest attempt could make it through to completion. The chosen venue is the Winter Palace, part of The Hermitage in St Petersburg in Russia - where the Russian Revolution began in 1917. Rumours are gathering pace that the show will be held around the end of October or start of November, but it must be stressed that nothing is definite yet, nothing has been officially confirmed, and no tickets are on sale yet. Once more details are known, we will of course pass on the information.