Nick Mason's book about Pink Floyd - more details
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 06 April 2004

Further to our previous news stories about Nick Mason's own history of Pink Floyd, some of which came from Nick himself, we now have the latest on this eagerly awaited book for you.

"Inside Out: A Personal History Of Pink Floyd" by Nick Mason will be published by Orion Book on September 9th 2004. The hardback book (with a UK recommended retail price of £30.00), a hefty 360 pages long, will be chock-full of rare pictures to accompany Nick's own view of the history of the band.

This was the same publishers who were responsible for last year's Rolling Stones book, which was a treat for the eyes. It is therefore encouraging that Nick and the band's management have entrusted the book with them!

Those who recall the previous attempt by Mason to publish a history of the band, will note that the title reflects a subtle change of focus. The original version was to be called "The Official History Of Pink Floyd", whereas "Inside Out" clearly states that this is a personal view of events. It was said that David Gilmour was the principle objector to a book he hadn't collaborated with, being called an official book about the band. Every copy of the original version was pulped before reaching the public.

We are in contact with the publishers and EMKA, the band's management, about this title and hope to bring you more information about it soon. It should be THE book about Pink Floyd to own! In the meantime, advance orders are already been taken (at a reduced price) through our links at Amazon UK, France, and Germany.