Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon SACD sales figures announced
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 20 May 2004

This week's Home Entertainment 2004 show included an update from Sony's SACD (Super Audio CD) project on how well the format has been doing. Sony revealed that the Rolling Stones Remastered Series of albums has sold over 2.2 million copies, and that Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon has now sold 800,000 - very impressive for a single album.

The SACD Project officials also reported that there are now over 2,000 Super Audio CDs on the market worldwide (almost half of which are reported to be Surround Sound SACDs) and that there are an additional 100 SACDs per month now being released each month.

No comments were made on the number of SACD players sold though, and certainly in the case of Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones, many of the discs would have gone to collectors irrespective of equipment to play them on! It would have been interesting to hear how many players there are in use.

Finally, there were various announcements of planned future releases - however, there was nothing mentioned to be coming from Roger Waters or Pink Floyd, despite the success of Dark Side. More information on the announcements can be found on the excellent High Fidelity Review website, which is reporting in full from the event.