David Gilmour in BBC Fender guitar documentary
Written by Matt   
Friday, 21 May 2004

The BBC today broadcast "Fender Heaven" on BBC Radio 4, which was a fascinating look at the late Leo Fender's creation - the Stratocaster. The history of the guitar, the feelings of major musicians who use it as their tool of work, and the stories of various collectors, were all presented in an amusing and absorbing 30 minutes.

As part of it, Pink Floyd's David Gilmour told of his view on the instrument: "The look and the sound of it together, did it for me in... '60, '61, something like that, and I've never altered my view that it is a beautiful and great sounding, small piece of perfection". Later, he remarked, "C'mon you kids, leave those guitars alone! You can't afford them - don't touch them!" On The Shadows, and Hank Marvin: "They were THE guitar band of that era, for me. The Shadows were a major influence. Not the ONLY influence, but they were the major influence, and Hank playing that guitar was what made me want to get a guitar".

Finally, as the opening bars of Ike & Tina Turner's Nut Bush City Limits chimed out: "It's just nostalgic for me, I loved it at the time..."

In common with most BBC radio programmes, it is available to listen to "on demand" for a week after being aired. To hear it, simply click on this link to launch it (RealPlayer required) - but be quick - it'll be gone by next Saturday!