Nick Mason's Inside Out book cover revealed
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 19 June 2004

With the September publication of Nick Mason's eagerly anticipated book "Inside Out - A Personal History of Pink Floyd" looming ever closer, we recently received a promotional folder at Brain Damage HQ, showing what is currently expected to be the cover shot (although of course, subject to change).

Many of you will find the chair picture familiar - being a Storm Thorgerson concept, created originally to promote the Pink Floyd 30th anniversary campaign, but was not used. Storm related: "Owing to a monumental cock-up over remastering the music, the records didn't get released on time and the campaign died, our beloved chair with it."

The chair was created by erecting scaffolding in a field, and draping the specially created fabric (no superimposed computer trickery here!) over the scaffolding poles. The people in the picture give some sense of scale - it really was a big chair! The story has it that the chair was left in the field where the fabric fell apart relatively quickly due to poor weather that followed in the days after the shoot, with nothing left other than the pictures...

Advance orders are being taken for the book, at a discount, through our links at Amazon UK, France and Germany. As yet, advance ordering for the US market is not yet ready...