Another live excerpt from Roger Waters' "Ca Ira"
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 19 June 2004

We have recently received news that the forthcoming Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival, being held in Bridgehampton, NY, USA (part of the "rich playground" known as The Hamptons), will feature live interpretations from Roger Waters forthcoming opera Ca Ira. Roger won't be there, but has given permission for two arias to be performed by local artists and these will form part of a larger show on August 7th.

The show - called "Grand Tour" and being held at 7:30 p.m. at the Presbyterian Church, includes The Letter and Bastille from Ca Ira, along with selections of movie music by the American composer Aaron Copland. Performers include Marya Martin, John Snow, Jon Manasse, Erik Ralske, Peter Kolkay, Mark Gould, Ani Kavafian, Ayano Ninomiya, Karen Gomyo, Choong-Jin Chang, Che-Hung Chen, Nicholas Tzavaras, Edward Arron, Timothy Cobb, Anna Polonsky, and Michael Slattery.

More details of the whole event can be found at the event web site -, and to order tickets for the Grand Tour show, use this special link.