Korn covers Pink Floyd
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 30 June 2004

The rap-rock band Korn have recorded, in May this year, Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall to be part of their greatest hits compilation, to be released this autumn/fall. The band have been playing the song, actually all three parts played together, in their recent European shows - and you can hear the June 23rd performance by downloading this compressed file. The band's Jonathan Davis said "We tried it in Hannover, Germany. Kids were out there throwing their Xs up, from the movie. It was surprising to see how many young kids know Pink Floyd and know all the words to that song.

"Pink Floyd's an amazing band, they always set a mood. The movie 'The Wall' is amazing. There were three versions of it on the original album, so we made it into one long song with 'Goodbye Cruel World' at the end." The Pink Floyd classic was produced collectively by Korn for the album.