David Gilmour on new Phil Manzanera album
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 01 July 2004

As we first reported to you on 2nd April, Phil Manzanera releases 6PM, his new album, on July 19th on Hannibal Records. 6PM follows on from the critically acclaimed Vozero, released in 1999, and features many of Phil's close musician friends, notably the 'Roxy' trio of Eno, Mackay and Thompson, with David Gilmour, Robert Wyatt and Chrissie Hynde. The album features 12 original tracks written and sung by Manzanera.

6PM was recorded at Phil's new Gallery Studios in West London with musician friends passing through to add their own magic to the album, except for the Eno-tonic treatments which were done at Brian's studio, and Phil's guitar conversation with David Gilmour, which took place at David's home studio with him engineering.

Phil said of 6PM: "[It] is my sixth solo album with a direct link to my first, 'Diamond Head' (1975). A lot of the same people play on it and the inspiration seems to come from 60's London, specifically from 1967 onwards when my South American adventures came to an end and London became my world. My musical influences come from that period, the meeting of Robert Wyatt and David Gilmour, when I was 17, informed my musical taste, as did the influence from the Maccormick brothers. All my solo albums have been very personal experiences, working with friends and sharing the joy and love of making music together. 6PM embodies all the influences and reasons why I became a musician and continue to be one."

David plays lead guitar on tracks 11, Always You, and 12, Sacred Days, along with Robert Wyatt, with whom Pink Floyd have long been friends with.