Roger Waters new "rock" album - update
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 10 July 2004

Our good friend Jose Abellan from the Spanish Pink Floyd magazine "Animals" had a long, four-hour lunch with singer PP Arnold this Friday (July 9th). Whilst the full interview hasn't been transcribed yet, here's a precis of some of the key points PP mentioned.

In June this year, she worked with Roger at his home studio in England, with fellow singers Katie Kissoon and Carol Kenyon, on two or three songs. One song is about Iraq, where Roger compares the Iraq of his youth, to the Iraq of today. This song is reminiscent of 'Perfect Sense' but with three backing vocalists.

With Roger reported by PP as in no hurry to complete his rock album (which is slated to follow his opera Ca Ira, once that project is done and dusted), his tour is now looking to be late 2005/early 2006, with a year set aside for the rehearsals, preparations, and tour itself. PP will of course be one of the touring band for this tour. Ca Ira itself, she believes, will be released this summer and performed live in the autumn, although with the sad passing of Etienne Roda-Gil, this now seems unlikely.

On a personal basis, PP is getting ready for a tour of Spain in her own right, with Andy Wallace, Andy Fairweather-Low and The Teenagers, having completed a new solo album, and has also completed her book about life on the road and in the studio...

Our thanks to Jose for the update. Be sure to check out his site for the full interview once he has transcribed it.