Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon voted number one album
Written by Matt   
Friday, 16 July 2004

In a typical display of Australian good taste and sense, readers of the Daily Telegraph have voted Pink Floyd's classic album Dark Side Of The Moon as the best album of all time, in a poll published today (Saturday July 17th). The poll coincides with the 50th anniversary celebrations of rock and roll, with the 1973 masterpiece proving that it still reaches people with its look at life as it affects us all.

"It is an experience more than just a collection of songs," said reader Ray Corcoran. "More than three-minute pop songs, the mood and feeling of the music grows and goes to new places. The album still has that even now."

For the best song of all time, John Lennon's peace anthem Imagine was far and away the winner, with nothing else coming close. No artist emerged a clear favourite among music fans, with The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Cold Chisel, The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd all polling strongly. You can read the whole story through this link.