David Gilmour - The Colours Of Infinity book and DVD update
Written by Matt   
Friday, 23 July 2004

Further to our previous news and pre-publication offer for the new book which includes a documentary on DVD that Pink Floyd's David Gilmour provides the soundtrack to, we now have an update from the publishers for you.

The book was originally due for release in mid-July, but we believe that there were a couple of issues with the production of the package. However, the publishers have confirmed it is now ready, on it's way over from the printers in Singapore, and should be with them during the first week of August. They will then ensure it is distributed worldwide straight away, including to all Brain Damage readers who took advantage of the pre-order offer that was run via this site.

To recap, "The Colours Of Infinity - The Beauty and Power of Fractals" is written by Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon, and introduced by Arthur C Clarke. When Lesmoir-Gordon made the groundbreaking TV documentary of the same name, his enthusiasm brought together a dream team of contributors. Sir Arthur C Clarke presents it. Benoit Mandelbrot, the Belgian mathematician who first coined the term ‘fractal’ and whose equation, the Mandelbrot Set, would reveal the wonder of fractals when fed into a computer, explains how it began. Professor Michael Barnsley, the computer graphics researcher who developed fractal image compression technology, explains the applications of the breakthroughs. Professor Ian Stewart, author of Does God Play Dice? adds his insights into the beautifully simple equation that gives birth to fractals.

Now Lesmoir-Gordon brings Clarke, Mandelbrot, Barnsley and Stewart together again to reflect on the many theoretical, practical, commercial and artistic ways in which fractals have developed since the film was made. They are joined by Dr Gary Flake, Chief Science Officer of Overture Inc, who expounds on the fractal nature of the Web, and Robert Prechter, who demonstrates fractal applications in the movements of the stock markets.

In the back of the book is the aforementioned DVD with the original 60-minute documentary, which features a soundtrack by David Gilmour PLUS a 30-minute fractal animation to the music of Quintessence.

To order the book you can either do it via our Amazon links depending on whichever is your nearest country. Most of these offer a good (at least 30%) discount on the recommended price. You can also order it direct from the publishers - ClearPress.co.uk.