Pink Floyd PULSE DVD update and Animals SACD news
Written by Matt   
Monday, 30 August 2004

Further to previous news items about the long-awaited DVD release of Pink Floyd's 1994 concert recording of PULSE, we have been in frequent contact with the band's management about the progress.

When we last spoke a week ago, they were still optimistic that all the loose ends would be tied up for what would probably (or indeed hopefully) be a late October release. Previously, they were aiming at a date at the start of that month, but a few problems became clear that have resulted in the slippage. They have assured me, though, that a fantastic job has been done with the concert on what will be a two-DVD set. Initially there were some technical issues with the transfer, but these have been resolved, and they have promised us full details courtesy of the people involved in the transfer.

EMI are now pushing for an October 25th release in the UK and Europe, with trade schedules quoting this date (but with a caveat that this is subject to change). However, it does seem pretty likely now that this date will be met.

EMI are describing the release as a "Luxury" edition, although what this entails is anyone's guess at this time. It was also revealed that the band are said to be considering doing a new mix of the Pulse CD with additional songs. Now, the cassette edition of the album included One Of These Days together with the preshow ambient soundtrack, so it might be that these are what are under consideration for inclusion...

In other reissue news we have had an email from old friends Chris Diemoz and Nicola De Cal, noting that the 1977 album ANIMALS is being scheduled for release on SACD (5.1 surround sound Super Audio) towards the latter half of next year. For many years now, people have been disappointed with the sound on CD of the album, so this is a chance for this to be rectified.

The information about this SACD release has come from "a person very close to the band" that lives in the USA. Despite it not being an anniversary of the album, it was felt that this was the right time to work on this album. Please note though that this is NOT confirmed - and until recently, The Wall was reportedly undergoing the SACD treatment, to tie in with the 25th anniversary. The band's management recently confirmed to us that there are NO plans currently for any reissues or remasters in the foreseeable future, so the Animals reissue may be being driven by the record company. More news as we get it.