Two new Roger Waters songs - video interview available now
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 15 September 2004

To coincide with the release of former Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters' two new songs - Leaving Beirut and To Kill The Child - Roger has been interviewed by Jimmy Ienner, who has taken some wonderful pictures of Waters over the last few years, not just on stage, but formal portraits too.

The interview forms the EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for the songs, and is a five minute mix of interview and snippets of song. Roger talks of the songs and the current political climate, especially in the US.

He talks about the idea of how a "wall of consumer items" can surround one, and admits to being just as guilty of this himself. He discusses how he feels about George Bush being in office, and what his reaction will be if he gets re-elected. And he talks about democracy, and how he feels it just isn't really working properly still, putting some of the blame at the doors of religion and the role of money in politics.

He also states the reason for the strong subject matter of his current oeuvre, is because: "Historically there have always been people within the artistic community who have spoken out about the things that they believe in and they should continue to do so and I shall certainly continue to do so whether is has any effect or not. I feel, you know, I have a responsibility to myself to do that. I paint what I see, that's what I see so that's what the song's about."

It is a fascinating, if short, interview with Roger, and can be seen at Jimmy's website. The whole interview is over 15MB, and is a Quicktime presentation.