Pink Floyd's PULSE DVD update - and video anthology too?
Written by Matt   
Monday, 27 September 2004

We spoke with Pink Floyd's management today to get an update on the long-anticipated release on DVD of the live concert video, PULSE. Whilst it now seems to be developing into a bit of a long-running saga, getting it released on DVD, they are now hoping for a December 1st release worldwide, with the exception of the US, where the aim is for Thanksgiving - November 25th. This is by no means confirmed though - but just what the band and management are currently aiming at.

One of the reasons for the delay, is to make some technical adjustments and improvements. This particular DVD has a lot of complex features, and some adjustments to things like the menus has had to be done. The band want to make sure that this release represents the pinnacle of live concert DVDs, and so are happy to delay it if it means that the quality is just right.

Whilst talking to them, we touched on the rumoured Pink Floyd video anthology - and they confirmed that this was something that IS actually being looked into! Work is being undertaken on this new project by the same person responsible for putting together the PULSE DVD. At the moment, it is at VERY early stages, with them looking into the possibility of putting one together.

Naturally, it will be a long process, identifying, sourcing and getting legal clearance on footage, so don't expect this one soon! Much of the material will belong to, and reside in, various foreign TV stations, along with the band's own collection. It is possible, too, that they will do as other bands have done, and seek material from fans as well.

As and when we have more information on these projects, we will of course let you know...