David Gilmour at "Miller Strat Pack" concert - radio broadcast delay
Written by Matt   
Friday, 08 October 2004

Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour appeared alongside a whole host of top musicians at the London Wembley Arena charity event on September 24th to celebrate the Fender Stratocaster guitar, and we were told that an edited version of the show (reduced down to one and a half hours) was to have been broadcast on Capital Gold last night, from 10pm.

However, as people who tuned in found out, the scheduled broadcast didn't happen, and there were no mentions of it on air either! We rang Capital Gold who were only able to say that it had been postponed and that the revised date wasn't known to them.

We will be finding out the latest on this broadcast on Monday, when we can speak with the company handling the event - and while we are there, we'll also find out if there are any updates yet regarding the event t-shirt (which sold out in record time, due to underestimating demand for them), and for the DVD of the show, which is expected before the end of the year. The event and subsequent releases of the show, are in aid of Nordoff-Robins Music Therapy.