Two new Roger Waters tracks - CD single in Japan
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 07 November 2004

Further to our previous items regarding former Pink Floyd frontman, Roger Waters, and his two new tracks "Leaving Beirut" and "To Kill The Child", which are available as legal downloads, we have received some confirmed news today which will please a number of you.

The two tracks are being released as a CD single in Japan, complete with picture sleeve. At present, the release is ONLY happening in that country, with no intentions of releasing the tracks elsewhere. A number of you have contacted us since the tracks first became available online, relating problems that have been experienced in downloading them in various countries.

The news that they will finally be on CD will come as good news, although of course, it does mean that it will need to be imported from Japan if you live elsewhere. There are a few retailers already offering this as a pre-order - the release date is December 15th 2004 - such as