Pink Floyd soundtracked "La Vallee" on Irish TV
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 01 December 2004

The classic film La Vallee is getting a rare television airing on Friday night (December 3rd) on Irish TV. The film famously includes a Pink Floyd soundtrack - the alternate title for the film was used for the album release by the band - Obscured By Clouds!

It is to be shown at 11.05pm on TG4, which is an all-Ireland, Irish-language channel; they also broadcast films in English and foreign-language films subtitled in English. Click here to see Friday's schedule on TG4 in detail.

A cult classic, the film relives the hippy ideals in travelogue style. The plot is described thus:

Set in the rain forest of New Guinea, a restless diplomat's wife, played by Bulle Ogier (Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, Maitresse), goes in search of a rare bird's priceless feathers. In the process she meets up with a group of hippies seeking spiritual and sexual enlightenment. Together they are transformed when they encounter the indigenous Mapuga tribesman and the secret "valley of the gods".

Our thanks to Kevin De Ornellas for letting us know about this rare screening of the film.