Nick Mason - Inside Out international version update
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 05 December 2004

Nick Mason's book "Inside Out - A Personal History Of Pink Floyd" is now on sale in the UK, and also Canada, is wonderful - a truly essential purchase - and we have more updates for you of the upcoming international versions of his book.

It was confirmed to us at the weekend that each of the alternate editions that are currently being prepared - the French language edition (due March 9th 2005) and Italian language edition (due in the spring of 2005), and the US edition (currently due in May 2005), are exactly identical in content to the UK edition currently on sale. There are no additions or changes to either the text (apart, of course, from the translation), or the photos, or the layout.

The French and Italian language editions will be hardbacks, like the UK edition, but it was pointed out that the US edition will only be available with a soft back cover, albeit with a fold-out element, enabling Storm Thorgerson's cover concept sketches to be reproduced in full, alongside the information and pictures which are included on the internal flaps of the hardback's dustcover. So our US friends won't miss out any of the content!