Ron Geesin playing one-off concert on Sunday
Written by Matt   
Monday, 06 December 2004

The musician and composer Ron Geesin, who collaborated with Roger Waters on the album "Music From The Body" (the soundtrack to the film of the same name), and then co-wrote Pink Floyd's "Atom Heart Mother", is playing a rare, one-off concert in the UK this coming Sunday, December 12th.

The show is being held at Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton, at 8pm, and no tickets are needed for it - another good reason to attend the show! We caught up with Ron this week to find out a little more about what Sunday evening promises...

Brain Damage: Why have you decided to perform live again? We understand that it has been a while since your last show. Are you planning on any other shows in the near future?

Ron: I didn't decide. My youngest son Fraser and his promoter friend Barnaby Walker decided I needed to be heard again in Brighton. Nothing future is planned, but may happen!

Brain Damage: What can we expect from the show? Presumably not Atom Heart Mother!

Ron: The live show is a tapping of subconscious and nervous energy. It is largely improvised around grand piano, banjos, marimba, percussion, voice and the audience itself. It is quite separate from the more-considered studio work.

Brain Damage: Are you working on new material (or indeed, is the show to promote new material)?

Ron: I'm always working on new material - still progressing the large-scale 'Journey Of A Melody'. The show is to promote the continued enjoyment of life.

Brain Damage: Finally, looking back, what are your thoughts on the work that you did with Roger and the others? Nick Mason's book about his life in the band touches on the period, which was one of huge transition for them. How much influence do you think your work on The Body and AHM, made on them and their future projects?

Ron: We had fun - and pain. I don't know about influence - probably none - but they were amused and exhilarated by my particular perceptions and methods at the time.

Our thanks to Ron for sparing the time to fill us in over this show. You can find out more about Ron and his career, past and present, at his website -